I am thrilled that Mike is finally coming out of his self-imposed retirement. Back in the early 90x, it was nothing for me to make $100,000 a season with Mike. Now that he's back, he can help me get well from all of the bad picks I have been receiving from other handicappers.

- Claude L., Baltimore, MD

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mike Warren, the man who invented the modern handicapping industry.

- Larry King, CNN

Mike Warren truly is the 'Odds ExTerminator.' The only time my wife doesn't object to my betting is when I'm playing Mike's picks.

- Billy E., Birmingham, AL

Mike, I don't normally write letters to handicapper, but when a guy makes me a millionaire, it's time to say thanks.

- Gus B., Santa Monica, CA

Mike Welcome back to the winner's circle. Guess I'm about to once again become the highest paid football 'player' in my family!

- Bonnie K., Lake Charles, LA

Mike Warren is handicapping's undisputed Voice of Authority.

- The Robb Report

Mr. Lasky, your Platinum Club paid for my marriage and honeymoon. I thank you and so does my wife.

- Jim E., Colfax, IN

Now, I can stop hurling over Hurley's picks and start winning again with Warren. Welcome back, Mike, it's been too long.

- Randy M., Lawrenceville, VA

Mike Warren is to the winning wager what Sinatra is to a song sung well. He is simply the best.

- Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder

Mike, I started playing your picks fresh out of college in 1991 and played them clear up until you decided to retire. In all that time, I only had seven losing weekends. And each time, you more than made up for it the following week. Glad you're back.

- Steve Y., Bingingham, NY

Your Chairman's Club bought me a new Corvette convertible. Come on down to Durham and I'll take you for a cruise.

- Mike L., Durham, N.C.

You pick, I play, we win. Life doesn't get any better than that!

- Chrissie S., Jasper, WY

I'm a blue collar worker, Mike, so if I clear $25,000 a year, even with overtime, I'm lucky. For six straight years, your Platinum Club helped me nearly double my income and put two kids through college. Thanks.

- Bobby K., Sioux City, SD

Mike, there's not a lot to do out here, so several years ago, I got into the habit of playing your Gold Key Club. So far, I've averaged $10,000 a year in easy winnings. Thanks.

- Jim R., Johnson's Atoll

Mike's Gold Key Club paid for a new garage added onto my home, and a car to put in it. Thanks, Mike.

- Marvin R., Bangor, ME

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